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Reach customers any way they prefer
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Value of Marketing Suite

Multi-channel is the future: SMS, Voice, IM, Social
Single integrated look, database & features
4 channels for the price of 1

All-In-One Orchestration

Orchestrated delivery of messages using all channels
Deliver repeat exposure without spamming
Increase response rates, brand awareness, & ROI

Digital communication has diversified and so has audience preference, making it nearly impossible to reach your entire target group with just one channel. People are using text and instant messages more often today. And now nearly half the world can't function without social media. The only way to reach 100% today is to incorporate all channels of communication.

UBhapE2 integrates four of the most popular messaging channels including mobile text, IM, voice broadcast and social media, taking you far beyond just mobile text marketing alone. With flexible ways to subscribe, your customers are more likely to sign up. Also, with All-In-One Marketing you can boost profits by increasing response rates up to five times more than if you were to use only one marketing channel.

Orchestrating a successful campaign becomes simple with UBhapE2's All-In-One Marketing. Say a thousand words about your upcoming sale with vivid pictures on their phone. A few days later, send them a mobile coupon. Update Facebook and Twitter to build anticipation. Use a voice broadcast the day before to remind them to attend. Although someone may not opt-in to all four channels, having a customer subscribe to an additional one or two enables you to double and even triple your response rate.

SMS is a global phenomenon with 75 percent of mobile phone owners across 21 countries saying they text. -Pew Research


UBhapE2 Text Message Marketing Features
Did You Know? 90%+ will open a text message within 15 minutes.


Give your audience an easy-to-remember short code.

Rollover Credits

Your message credits never expire!

API Access

Integrate multi-channel messaging and contact management into your own software.

QR Codes

Direct audiences to any website on their smartphones with a simple scan of a QR code.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Interact with customers through mobile texting wherever you are using a short code and a keyword, instead of revealing your personal mobile number.

Instant Messaging

Grab audience attention with instant messages popping up on their screens. It's free for you and your customers.

Post to Social

Update Facebook and Twitter simultaneously and get your business on your audience's newsfeed for greater exposure.

Facebook Page Tab Editor

Easily add and customize a tab (additional web page) to your Facebook fan page.

Facebook Coupons

Spark word-of-mouth marketing by offering exclusive savings to your fans.

Facebook Sign-up Widgets

Collect sign-ups on the world's largest social network.

Online Sign-up Pages

Collect opt-in names, numbers, email addresses, and more from an online form and store them in your database.

Mobile Sign-up Pages

Customers can sign up from wherever they are using a mobile phone.

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to use our many marketing and messaging features step-by-step.

Send From Phone

Send a message to an entire distribution list right from your mobile phone.

Mobile Coupons

Drive in sales with mobile text coupons and easily track redemption rates.

Appointment Reminder

Notify people of future appointments or reservations with a quick mobile text.

MMS (Picture & Video Texing)

Send more than just text by delivering catchy pictures or short video clips directly to your audience's mobile phones.

Multi-Channel Voting

Boost brand visibility and collect mobile numbers with an interactive poll hosted through Facebook and mobile texting.


Capture opinions with a mobile poll sent directly to your audience by mobile-text message.


Make events exciting by encouraging people to text-in messages onto a big screen. Collect numbers automatically with each text.

Shuffle Responder

Send an interesting fact, joke, or inspirational quote to your audience when your keyword is texted in.

Mobile eCard

Celebrate special occasions with a visually grabbing multimedia mobile eCard sent to your audience.

Voice Broadcast

Add a touch of personality with a recorded voice message to your audience's phones.

Campaign Manager

View comprehensive analytics and reports on all your campaigns with a personal dashboard for each campaign.

Keyword Data Capture

Capture customized information like age, birthday, favorite color, email, or names, through a simple mobile keyword without a browser.

Loyalty Program

Replace paper reward cards. Add digital advantages for customer retention.

Message Automation

Create and schedule messages to be sent automatically when subscribers join your list.

Custom Data Fields

Collect specific demographic or other desired information from your audience to create targeted campaigns.

Multi-User Access

Manage secure access to your account by multiple users based on their roles.

7-day Support

Get support from our experts every day of the week.

Free Training

Recieve 1-on-1 free training.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated specialist will help you every step of the way- from setting up your account to monthly status calls, ensuring you find success in the software.

Case Studies

Articles Highlighting Text Message Marketing

10 SMS Text Marketing Advantages

Guy with Phone

10 reasons why text message marketing had the advantage over traditional media.

  1. Open Rate: Open rates are extremely high with text marketing. Your message is being read by 95% of recipients within 15 minutes of being sent...
  • Open Rate: Open rates are extremely high with text marketing. Your message is being read by 95% of recipients within 15 minutes of being sent. Email open rates in comparison average less than 20%.
  • Redemption Rates: SMS text marketing averages 20% or higher redemption rates. Compare that with traditional media such as coupons, newspaper ads, radio, or direct mail which hovers around 2%.
  • Permission Based: Your customers must opt-in to receive messages from you. These are active buyers who want to receive more information, coupons and special offers so they may spend more money with your business.
  • Speed: Need near instant sales on a slow day? SMS marketing has the advantage. You can type and send a new offer that will reach your customer in minutes. It doesn’t take weeks like traditional media.
  • Cost: On a cost per customer acquisition model, text marketing is the cheapest and most effective way to reach your customers and increase sales. The cost of one small newspaper ad is more than a month of text marketing and will not bring you near as many customers as you need.
  • Return on Investment: With monthly costs lower than $100 to send 1000 text messages and redemption rates of 20% or more; it only costs .50 cents per customer in your door. Depending on your average sale with discount cost included, your return on investment is higher then any traditional marketing method.
  • Reach: Almost all of your customers have a mobile phone. No matter where they go throughout the day, it is among the must have items in their pocket, hand or purse. The percentage of your customers that read the newspaper, are able to receive direct mail or listen to the radio is much less then the percentage able and willing to opt-in to your mobile marketing campaign.
  • Flexibility: SMS text marketing can be used to send one-time offers, special sales, buy-one get-one deals, critical updates or announcements and just about anything you can think of inside of 160 characters.
  • Green: No paper to waste, coupons to throw out. Your offer is green on your customers cell phone.
  • Targeted: Your offer is only going to customers who want it. Targeted marketing increases ROI, redemption rates and sales. You can create multiple lists for different specials, product lines or announcements to be sure your message is crafted to the people who opted-in to your list.

5 SMS Marketing Campaign Examples

Phone with Logos

The following mobile marketing case studies and examples showcase the power of using SMS marketing to build and grow business. You can use it to generate text message marketing ideas for your organization and for general benchmarking.

Example #1: Dunkin’ Donuts Coupons Drive Local Sales

Dunkin’ Donuts wanted to introduce its hot lattes to young adults in the Boston area. Their October campaign delivered a mobile coupon for a $0.99 small hot latte to 7,500 targeted opt-ins (high school and college age students). This was supported by Boston radio DJs on Thursday mornings that month, as well as 400,000 mobile banner ads on Boston-targeted mobile websites. SMS coupon redemption training was provided to over 1,000 Dunkin’ Donuts staff.

Results: The SMS messaging, targeted WAP, and radio promotions increased in-store traffic by 21% (compare this to a 3 percent redemption rate that’s typically considered very good). 35% of participants later surveyed said they were more likely to buy Dunkin’ Donuts lattes and coffee.

Findings: 17% of participants forwarded or showed the message to a friend. Promoting the coupon’s viral (“shareable”) nature helped generate more traffic and coupon redemption.

Example #2: McDonald’s Offers Instant Prizes with SMS

McDonald’s is one company that has fully embraced mobile marketing, and one seasonal campaign for McDonald’s Italy shows how effective it can be to generate response. The “Merry Xmas in the Restaurant” campaign enabled customers to enter a sweepstakes while in the restaurant and immediately win a prize. Each unique code printed on the cups won a prize (presents ranged from mobile content to physical prizes like prepaid credit cards and mobile phones). The campaign was promoted on TV and in the restaurant.

Results: In five weeks, there were more than 1.5 million participants — a 25% response rate and the best result of a McDonald’s mobile marketing campaign yet.

Findings: Binding guaranteed prizes to the purchase of a product with an instant sweepstakes entry mechanism (SMS) can be very effective.

Example #3: Orbitz Uses SMS for Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Orbitz launched OrbitzTLC Alerts as a means to engage Orbitz customers, provide travel information including real-time updates, and to reinforce branding (remind customers of Orbitz before travel purchases). A radio campaign introduced customers to OrbitzTLC Alerts and offered dollars off an Orbitz travel package as an incentive to try OrbitzTLC Alerts. Customers also were given the option of subscribing to additional text messages from OrbitzTLC.

Results: Hundreds of text requests were received on the first day of the campaign, requesting the promo code and opting in for further messaging. After two weeks, response rates exceeded expectations.

Findings: There were a significant number of opt-ins for further messages from Orbitz, indicating that even one-time promotions can generate long-term customer engagement.

Example #4: ESPN Increases New Subscriptions Via SMS

ESPN launched a campaign that used SMS as the delivery platform back in June of 2005, before texting was even as widespread as it is today. They wanted to promote sales of the new ESPN BottomlinePro sports information service, and used a marketing mix of ESPN’s television, print, and online properties. The call to action directed consumers to send a text message and the return message provided a WAP link for users to sign up. On some carriers, download instructions were simply provided.

Results: Immediate messaging results were seen from on-air crawls and online placements.

Findings: Many more subscriptions were sold when the link to purchase was provided vs. simple download instructions.

Example #5: Kraft Foods Launches New Product While Reducing Distribution Costs

Kraft Foods wanted to promote the launch of new instant coffee products, Jacobs 3in1 and Jacobs 2in1. The main objective was to place product samples among early adopters and opinion leaders, while decreasing product distribution costs and building a customer database for future CRM. The call to action invited consumers to request a product sample by texting in a media-specific keyword and was promoted in print and TV ads, as well as with online and mobile banner ads. A targeted list of opted-in consumers also received push SMS messages inviting them to text-in for the sample. Consumers who responded were sent a link to the mobile sampling portal.

Results: Over 400,000 samples were requested, and more than 80,000 users opted-in for future messaging. The 650 banner ads on selected portals had a clickthrough rate of 3%, and 10.6% of the targeted list responded to the push text messages. 0.4% of users who saw the TV ad ordered a product sample via mobile.

Findings: Cross-media integration can help drive success. Push messaging to targeted opt-in lists can be one of the most effective marketing tactics.

Source: Mobile Marketing Association, CTIA, Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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